Antrochoanal polyp with bilateral extension, bony erosion and protruding out through anterior nares in 45 year old female: rare case presentation

Sonia Jindal, Pooja Arya, Deepchand Lal, Ramesh Kadela, Gourav Gupta, Niranjan Nagaraj


Antrochoanal polyp or Killian polyp is a benign, solitary lesion that affects mainly children and young adults. It is usually unilateral in occurrence without bony erosion. We report a unilateral antrochoanal polyp of left side, in 45 year old female, extending into nasopharynx, right sided nasal cavity, protruding out through left nostril and causing bony erosion of medial wall of maxilla on left side.


Antrochoanal polyp, Bony erosion, Endoscopic sinus surgery

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