A comparative study of diagnostic nasal endoscopy and computerized tomography of paranasal sinus in diagnosing sino nasal disease

P. R. Belure Gowda, M. V. Vinay Kumar


Background: Paranasal sinus diseases are one of the commonest causes of patients visit to an otolaryngologist. The symptoms are multiple and vague, while examination is often limited as sinuses cannot be examined directly. The objective of the study was to compare the diagnostic nasal endoscopy and computerized tomography findings of paranasal sinus in diagnosing sino nasal disease.

Methods: A comparative study was conducted at Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hassan for duration of one year from June 2017 to June 2018. All the patients attending the ENT OPD with sin nasal disease and who meets the inclusion criteria during the study periods were included in the study. A total of 100 Patients were included in the study and analyzed.  

Results: The most common diagnosis leading for diagnostic evaluation was chronic sinusitis. The septal deviation was best diagnosed using CT scan. CT scan was also found to effective and better than DNE in identifying the haziness in the sinus and checking the patency of sinus. DNE was found to better in identifying the secretion in the middle meatus.

Conclusions: Sino nasal disease in the adults needs to evaluate using DNE and CT scan before planning for the sino nasal surgeries. Both the diagnostic techniques have merits over the other, but CT scan can give better view and reports of the sinonasal diseases.


Sinonasal, DNE, CT, Sinusitis, Paranal sinus

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