Chondroma of the mandibular condyle- rare location of a common benign cartilage tumour: case report and review of literature

Pradeep Goil, Manojit Midya, Pankaj Sharma, Gautam Prakash


Chondroma is a benign tumour of mature hyaline cartilage.It is common in the tubular bones the hands and feetand conspicuous by its rarity in the mandible. We hereby present an interesting case of chondroma of the mandibular condyle that was managed in our department. The antecedent radiological findings and postoperative histopathological peculiarities of the case are discussed. This case also focuses the negligent attitude of our society towards one’s health problems until they are fraught with beliefs of cancer. Chondroma of the mandibular is a rare, benign slow growing tumour. Condylectomy is considered adequate treatment for all condylar masses. Surrounding margins of healthy soft tissue is also excised to prevent recurrences. 


Chondroma, Mandible, Condyle

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